Fountain Road ran for two months April – May at Millennium in St Ives. There were two main installations, Dwell and The Fountain Project…
“It’s something that makes you realise what’s missing in your life.”
“ It made me cry! In a beautiful way! X”

THE WINTER SHOW – MILLENNIUM ST IVES: It was great to be included in the Winter Show at Millennium. I created a new work for the show – Providence. I asked the actress Nix Wood if she’d work with me and Chris Priest created the typography. A huge thanks to them both.

FIRST ELEVEN AT CAST: The new studios in Helston held their first show on 9th and 10th November. I exhibited a new work: Seven billion names of god…all true……..could be described as an ambient film painting. Filmed within the beauty of the Louvre…….a cathedral, different people, looking up at the same ceiling……..

It is drawn, in part from an older song…
“Stay now, new language rides out of the blue
believe it, It’s here for me and it’s here for you
believe it, believe it, humility can break the rules
believe it, believe it, humility can break the rules now,
can’t you see that it’s true, the mountain towers over you
can’t you see that it’s true, six billion names of god all true….”


“I love this work, like looking into a fire, being absorbed by its energy. An ecstatic moment….”
“We each saw something different but came to find the same beauty…”
“We spent much time with this piece of art and shared the feelings and visions that it evokes. It moves with a beauty of slowness. Lovely.”

An excerpt from the film…



LITTLE SONG FILMS were a part of the Suspended Sentences show in Newlyn in Septembermapi IMG_1565



STAGE: This is a demo film of the STAGE event (August 3rd and 7th) that was curated by Joseph Clarke and Roger Thorp in association with Cornwall Art Biennale – a blueprint for future events.



May 3rd. The Fountain Project in the James Turrell Skyspace – Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. “Beautiful, hypnotic and magical were the words I heard later as folk yielded to the pressing need to describe the experience.” Neil Armstrong, Director, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

May 3rd. Little Song Films – Natures Chord: a collection of films in the Lime Tree Cafe at Tremenheere

April 13th, Little Song Films, the web gallery that Rob Vasey and I created showed a selection of films by international artists at the final night of the Cornwall Art Biennale.

Pegasus Aflame – Square Eyes Istanbul
Dwell 18.5:1 – The Dark Rooms, curated by Jesse Leroy Smith – CAST Institute
Hermes Path – The Dark Rooms, CAST Institute, Helston

First Eleven – CAST Studio’s – Helston
Suspended Sentences – Newlyn
STAGE – Cornwall Art Biennale – Halzephron House
Limbo – Cornwall Art Biennale – the Coffin Store – truro
In a Darkened Room: Art 75 exhibition in Penzance
Port Eliot Lit Fest in Cornwall – Little Song Films
Cornwall Film Festival, Shelter and To the Point of Tears
L’Alternativa in Barcelona – Little Song Films – various works
Ship of Dreams Film Festival – Isola Del Tiburina, Rome – Naked August 86minute feature
Barcelona Film Festival – Hinterland 18minute drama
Other music and film events have taken place at The Acorn in Penzance, Cornwall and The Folk House and Cube Cinema, Bristol
First International Video Festival – London


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