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fountain final final 1The Fountain Project saw its first installation in the James Turrell Sky Space at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens (3rd May 2013). A huge thank you to Neil Armstrong and Miki and Justin from Lime Tree Cafe. Special thanks too to Jesse Leroy Smith and Joseph Clarke and the Cornwall Art Biennale.

“Having seen Roger’s work at the Dark Rooms I knew we were in for a treat. For one evening only James Turrell’s Skyspace hosted video and soundworks of majestic scale and impact. The audience lingered longer than was needed or usual, clearly spellbound by the quiet power of the occasion. Beautiful, hypnotic and magical were the words I heard later as folk yielded to the pressing need to describe the experience.”
Neil Armstrong, Director, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens


On February 2nd and 3rd Dwell 1.85:1 was shown at the CAST Institute in Helston, Cornwall, a visionary project created by Teresa Gleadowe and Karen Townsend.

The Dark Rooms – CAST’s opening exhibition – featured 40 artists and was curated by Jesse Leroy Smith.

Dwell 1.85:1 engages the viewer directly in a cinematic landscape. As they enter a pool of light the viewer’s image appears on the screen. International voices are heard, people talking about their place in the universe in response to the question… ‘what do you feel when cold and all alone in a winters field you gaze into a clear night sky?’

dwell 18.5:1dwell_0980DW5591DWELL_5798DW5593dwell_0978 dwell_5747

Dwell 18.5:1 works on different levels. In a quiet situation it is calm an contemplative. In a busy gallery children may play a game…

Jesse Leroy Smith and Faye Dobinson /Artists

‘Roger’s work is conceived with a profound love of the mediums of light and cinema and from a truthful engagement with people. In a recent installed work (The Dark Rooms) he used the lush, generous archetypal imagery of roads and mountains and fused them with familiar landmarks, creating an immersive collective experience.

The sound of visitors wandering through the room melded with the layered soundtrack of testimonials concerning the night sky. Their body language reflected their wonder as they emerged from darkness and realised that they were the subject within the specatcle of film.

The camaraderie and invention of collaboration is inherent in Roger’s work and process, while his intuitive rapport with both artists and the public make him a joy to work with.’

Dwell 1.85:1 was first exhibited at the Art 75 exhibition in Penzance (then entitled In a Darkened Room)


oceanforesttransitforest wide

In a Darkened Room was first created for the Art 75 exhibition at the Lido in Penzance. Here’s what the curators thought:

“IN A DARKENED ROOM was a real highlight of the ART 75 show at the Lido in Penzance. People of all ages enjoyed discovering and interacting with the work which was also admired by established artists. I look forward to seeing more in the future.”


“The interactive video piece by Roger Thorp was unexpected and engaging. To walk out of the bright sunlight around Jubilee Pool and come face to face with yourself in the cool dreamlike world of “In a Darkened Room”, as though you too were swimming underwater, was a memorable experience.”


My four year old son and I were transfixed by the installation. After the initial exploration of the ‘game’ of the piece for the most part we just watched the reactions of other people experiencing the installation and slowly found ourselves interacting with the work and them. As an arts funder I was very pleased that FEAST could be associated in a small way with work like this.


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